Win a Mansion For Christmas Winners

Main Cash Prize
Douglas Rouse From Kent

£10,000 Cash Prize
Craig Strachan From Laurencekirk

£10,000 Cash Prize
Alexander Taylor From Laurencekirk

£10,000 Cash Prize
Lesley Tailford From Oxford

Closing Statement - 27th April 2018

Yesterday at midday in the presence of a solicitor chosen by the charity The Yard, the draw for the competition took place. The proceedings were overseen and executed by the solicitor Stewart Dunbar from Blackadders and have since been legally documented and notarised. Present at the draw were two members of staff from the charity, CEO Celine Sinclair and Victoria Armour. The winners have all been contacted and have acknowledged their winning email.

The Charity

I am delighted to announce that the charity will receive just over £50,000 and that will run their family service for a year.

The Journey

I would like to thank first and foremost everyone who participated in the competition, as without your support none of the above would have been possible.

To the entrants who appreciated the charitable factor and who took the time to write such kind words to me, those words meant far more than you realised.

To the team of consummate professionals who were Red Evolution, CVS Media and Pincent Mason Solicitors thank you for being the best at what you do.

Thank you everyone!